Thursday, June 14, 2012

Read Alouds

One of the biggest things that has been different this past homeschooling year compared to others is our read aloud time.  Embarrassed to say, I just never found of tried to find time to read aloud to my kids-mostly the bigger ones.  Yes, I knew how important it was, but my time was focused more on reading little books to the littles.  Last summer, I was deeply convicted  on the importance of reading aloud even to the older and middle children and that was my main goal (along with everything else!ha!).

After praying on how to make this happen, God helped me to see that reading aloud could happen, just not when I wanted it but when He did.  I found that time and now I truly cherish it and miss it if we go without it. 

At night, after I put my lil' Lady to sleep and my 5 yr old (b/c he loves his sleep so he is pretty easy to get down), and after our family night prayers, I begin and it is usually about 8pm. We all hop into my big bed and I lay in the middle while little heads and ears look on and listen.  It really is the sweetest thing.  I know they are listening and understanding b/c we talk about it and they ask questions and they giggle and their excitment peeks at just the right moment.

We have read a lot of really great classics that I never touched upon before....even ones that I did not even read when I was younger.  How sad, huh?  I was not the reading type of kido back then.  I'd rather be outside riding my bike or playing dolls.  But, now that we are reading them, I am so sad that I missed it and it was not a part of my childhood.  I did not want this to happen to my own children. 

We just finished...

Heidi (Great Illustrated Classics)

While I am reading on my bed, my husband would read to my older boys in their room.  They are in the middle of this book...
The Small War of Sergeant Donkey (Living History Library)

As you can imagine, this summer is not going by without read alouds!  We have begun this book....

Meet Marie-Grace (American Girl) (American Girls Collection)

Happy Reading ALOUD!!!  The kids will love it.  You will love it.  It is TIME spent in the most rewarding way. 

God bless,

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