Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goal for today

to speak words of encouragement.

It goes a long way.  Helping my children to see their potential....and how awesome they are right now.  Last  night I had a little talk w/my older boys.  I told them how much I love them no matter what.  Even if they do not do their chores on their own or when they are asked for the 100th time....even if they do not do well on a test....even if they are not being obedient with school work. 

It does not matter.  My love for them is not dependent on those outcomes.  My love is strong for them and will not waiver.  

I love them for them.  Simply that.

Then, if I always have, did they not know this?  What have I done or not done to make them not aware of this? 

So, my goal is to make my words count.  Make my actions count.  Make it equal to my love for them. 

Today will be different.

By the way, this goes for ALL my kids.

God bless,

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