Saturday, February 4, 2012

#5 turns 5!!!

I love all the early stages and ages of life-they all are beautiful, all sweet, all amazing to watch as a mother but there is this one that I am drawn to the most...age 5.

B/c at age 5, life is in its fullness. 

The trees are more beautiful, and so is the dirt.

The leaves are more intriguing, the curves of them, the texture, the smell, the colors.

The wind is not so cold but the feel of it blowing on their faces is really coooooool.

Ice is fun-fun to touch, to break, to crunch beneath little green boots.

Every book is amazing to look at, to be read to, to hold in their hands curled up somewhere...totally content.

When something is funny, it is REALLY funny!  Giggles and all.

Life is clearer, more in focus.

When you are 5 and Momma tells you not to do something or touch something if it is hot, you obey.  Simply obey b/c you know Momma loves you and does not want to see you hurt.

Trusting someone comes natural, easy.

Believing what someone says is simple.  Accepting.

Being held is still a want and especially a need.  Snuggling is a must.

My Kid #5 turns 5 today!!!


You are a JOY to be around. 
Your smile is contagious.
Your laughter fills my heart with joy.
Your snuggles I cannot do without.
Your trust and obedience is beautiful.

I love you, my teddy bear.
May you always stay close to Jesus and Mary...always seeking and doing God's Will.
God bless you, little buddy.


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