Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dare not to compare

I have to confess, I steal a lot of ideas from other homeschooling momma blogs.  I know, this is a real shock, isn't it?  Ha! :)  I bet you do too...right?!?! :)  I surely do not have time to try to invent something and why would I reinvent the wheel when I do not have to? 
Well, that peeking into others' homes and their lives is a two fold, for me.  Interesting, amazing and beautiful things is what I find but I also find myself getting frustrated at my lack of ability, patience, creativity and even 'order' that I see in their homes.  I have a dear friend who does not even attempt blogs b/c of this very reason.  Albeit, a very good reason.  It gets depressing!

I try to remind myself that I do not see their whole life, and many do not blog about the negative aspects and hardships of a homeschooling family life.  So, all that others see is this super good part of their lives and we think it's like that all the time.  Which, when really thought about, is SO not true!  No one or no family can ever be perfect! I remind myself that many of these large families come from large families themselves...they are accustomed to the craziness and loudness and messiness that a large family brings.  They know how to adapt much more quickly than others (ahem...) and we can start to compare ourselves and our families to others, esp. if we do not even really know them!  How foolish. 

God knows our hearts.  God knows what He is doing.  God sees my efforts to do the smallest task and He sees my love that I do it with, for Him, and He blesses me with such graces.  I can only imagine that this would equal all those others immaculate homes, those super creative art projects, those darling matching outfits their kidos wear, and those other things.   To God be the glory!

But what a trap this is, isn't it?

Now, it's time for me to get another cup of coffee and think about that some more all the while I teach my kidos!  Rainy days ALWAYS summon another cup! ;)
May God bless your day,

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