Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday fun times and Lent Ideas

Since our Valentine's day last week was rudely interrupted by a nasty stomach bug (uh, it was that bad....6 kidos plus hubby sick through the night-yeah, no fun for me :(  I could really use that pity party b/c it was that bad.) we are finally getting to making our Valentine's day cookies that Kido #3's godmother sent to us!  It was a super cute combo of heart cookie cutters and 6 different sprinkles.  Thanks K~!

Today....we are having SUCH fun!!!

Lots of sprinkles all over us and the kitchen....made with fresh sugar cookie dough...lots of sprinkles and flour all over the kitchen too!!!

We had chocolate ice cream and hot chocolate for snack and we'll be enjoying these heart cookies for dessert tonight.   Just trying to get rid of all this sweet stuff in our house before Lent begins tomorrow.

How can it be Lent already?  WOW!  That came fast!

At snack time today, we went over Lent and the different types of ways we can experience Lent to a deeper degree....offerings of sacrifice, almsgiving and prayer.  I am so proud of my children and all their desires to offer up certain items. 

Let me list them now...
Kid #1, boy, age 11--pray every morning
kid #2, girl, age 9--no lying
kid #3, boy, age 8--no bothering/teasing
kid #4, girl, age 6--no M&M's
kid #5, boy, age 5--no hot chocolate
kid #6, boy, age 3--who knows?  I wish I could make a long list for him! haaa haaa

And me?  Yeah, I knew you'd ask....well, I refraining from my favorite....ice cream!  and no wine unless we have visitors.  You like that second one?  Well, since we live away from family I thought that it would not be very courteous if our company were the only ones who had a glass of wine.  Makes sense to me! :)

I am going to print up or make up our annual Lenten Path---the kids love it and they look forward to coloring each day that we finished up the color purple as we get closer to Easter.

Then there's the Bean Jar.  Each sacrifice we offer up to God, we put a kidney bean in the jar then on Easter- the Easter Bunny comes and turns it into Easter Jelly Beans!  Kids LOVE this too!

And lots of Lenten pretzels....fun and yummy and they make great snacks and my kids enjoy making them so much.
God bless your Lent adventure,

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