Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crown of Thorns Lenten centerpiece

2 cups Flour
1/2 cup Salt
Mix and add milk to make a clay
Knead to get all bubbles out.
Roll out 3 'snakes' and braid them close together.

Put tooth picks in to give the look of thorns.
There ya go!

Last year we did this and took out the tooth picks as we did a sacrifice for Jesus.  This year, however, I did not want to do that since last year they suddenly disappeared very quickly and it sat there just as a crown!  Oh dear, so this year, we are keeping it as a centerpiece to remind us of Jesus' passion and the pain He endured for us.  It looks great!

We also set up our Sacrifice Bean Jar yesterday.   The kids were so eager to get those pinto beans into the jar that our house was spotless!  All those nice and kind gestures of helping out was wonderful.  But today, uh...let's just say I think they forgot all about that sacrifice bean jar!  I think it is time to remind them!

If you have not heard of Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure....go check it out HERE and it is FREE!!! Who would pass up something that is fun and free and for kids?  They have great downloads and video clips and Lenten ideas for parents too.  It's really well done and we saw it advertised at our parish too.  Good endorsement :)

Best go now.
God bless,

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