Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorta Schoolin' in the Summer

Since we have been done with school, we have...

I am beginning to think...isn't this what school should be about?  Reading, learning, having a true desire to WANT to read, WANT to learn.  I am so thankful to have been blessed by knowing other home schooled Moms in our home school group who are so willing to share their ways of schooling. 

For sure, I know that next year will be different.  In what ways?  I am not exactly sure...yet.  A whole new world of learning and schooling is opening up to me and to our family.  I am so excited!  I am going to use this summer to truly focus on helping to create this love of learning that we think is so important.  It will not be school, per se.  B/c we do need a break!  It is so fun to sit back and see them play school (and learn!) and teach each other math (and learn!) and read to each other (and learn!).  Life is a school!!!  This summer will be fun and a more relaxed way of learning for us all to experience.  Thank you God for this blessing, may I be your servant to help your little ones discover the beauty of Your world, Your creation, Your blessings. 

"When you did it to them, you did it to me."

God bless,

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