Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chasing a 2 yr old

I haven't posted lately...sorry about that!

I have been busy running after a certain little 2 year old that is super cute *(Thank God!!!!)
but ....

He still has not taken a liking to his baby sister and likes to clobber her as well as pull each joint and squish her face.   There is a house rule that we cannot put Little Lady down unless he is not around or if Momma is right there.  If holding her, then get ready to be a body guard.  My big kids are getting pretty good at this.  Not that I am proud of the fact that they are good body guards! haaaa

Little Lady is 3 1/2 months now and I thought by now that things would have changed and actually realizes that she really is staying.  Nope, not yet!  Errrrr...  A priest I know says that he is the one that will probably be a priest!!!  If this is what I have to endure for his vocation, so be it, I suppose....but I am not having fun.

I mean, what is the point of a fenced in yard when he climbs over the fence???  I have it locked up w/a key but it does not matter. 

He is an early riser--unlike myself.  He even enjoys singing at this early time but his singing is more like screaming.  Ay ay ay.....He asks and then tells me very loudly that he wants oatmeal or cheerios or whatever.  He is ready to go go go very early around here.  Let me get my coffee first, lil buddy...I have resorted to him watching a little show in these hours, super idea ...or so I thought.  He is not old enough to really get the idea of sitting still and quiet.  haa haaa!!!

I swear I need a babysitter JUST FOR HIM ALONE.  No joke, it is sooooo true.  One eye off of him for just 5 seconds can bring surprises you'd never dream of!!!   He is something else, this 2 yr old...

On a positive note, did I mention he is really really REALLY cute?  Yes, I know a mothers love goes beyond boundaries and she sees her children as the cutest, but seriously, this little guy is a head turner!  :) 

Did I also mention that he loves loves loves books?  I am so glad he actually knows how to stay put for a minimal amount of time!  He loves when I bring a huge bag full of library books home.  At that point, at least I know I have a few minutes that I know exactly where he is :)

He is also good with his words and is easy to have a conversation with.  It is worth the time to spend talking with someone when they are 2 years old!!!  Oh, the stories he has and the words he uses and the faces he makes while he is trying to think of a word-so unbelievably cute!!! :) 

One last thing to make sure you know how cute this stinker is...not that he is an all out crazy 2 yr old.  (then again, maybe this list is more for me! haa haa LOL!!!)

He loves his biggest brother!  He loves to ride on his shoulders.  He loves it when big brother reads to him and plays trucks and blocks with him.  I am so glad b/c that big brother sure is someone to be following-he is awesome too!

Anyway, I have not forgotten about my blog...it's just that I have running ragged around here chasing after my little priest.

Please say a prayer for me, if you will.  A Prayer for greater sacrificial love for this child in particular, and for new ways of how to meet his needs.  Thank you kindly!!!
God bless,

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