Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blah blah blah

Sometimes, I think, the next worst thing about being in a bad mood is meeting another person in a bad mood too.  That is what happened this morning.

I went to Mass by myself (thank you God) and it was truly lovely.  A bit of Heaven.  Literally. 

Then I went to finish my food shopping that began yesterday but not completed.

What is it with food shopping that makes it a bitter/sweet relationship for me?  I guess it could be all those foods that I really want to eat right then and there :) and then the reality of how bad they are for me and that, really, our $ needs to be on the food that is good for us and we actually need.  I opted out of my usual weekly ice cream pick up.  And it was on sale too.  Boo-hoo.  I am beginning to watch my food intake and that is hard since I am around food... all...the...time!  :)  AND somehow the food has become a bit of an issue to help me get through stressful points in my day,  if you get my drift.  Nothing that I am proud of. 

All this being said...I sort of got in a little selfish mood. 

The last item to pick up was the oven roasted turkey cold cuts that my husband insisted I pick up for lunch today. 

Easy to please, I thought.  I could do that.

I stood and waited.   I stood there some more.  This other woman and I.  10 minutes now.  Waiting.  The only man working behind the very long counter was with someone else.   I was patient and I stood there some more.  The other customer left but not me!  I needed that turkey!!!  Growing a bit impatient as the time increased.  I browsed the cheeses and some feta cheese made it into my cart (tasted so yummy on our salad today :) Anyway, back to what I was saying....

Time continued to grow.  He saw me and our eyes met.  He did assure me with a wink that he'd be over "ASAP".  OK, I can do this.

Time was now 20 minutes.

Am I nuts or what?

Wait, don't answer that.

You see, my hubby wants this for lunch.  He requested and insisted on this for lunch.  And by golly, I was going to come home with it in my bags no matter what.

Time was 23 minutes.

At that moment, I thanked God.  For what?  I am not sure but it sure helped me to not flip out.

Finally he came over.  Thanks for the fortitude, God :)  Then he started.  Started on a rampage of his horrible job and how much he could not wait to be retired.  He had a friend who worked with him but he died a little while ago.  Poor fellow, I thought.  Guilt was setting in.  But this guy behind the counter was really in pain.  I could see it.  Hear it.  I had no idea what to say to him.  I wanted to say something but could not wrap my mind around the right words.  He needed hope in his dreary part of his world. 

Why was God letting this man rant to me?

Who was I to be told this to?

I did not let on that I was a Momma with 7 little ducklings.  If I did, the conversation surely would have changed its focus.  Humility...  I could have easily mentioned my kids and I would feel comfortable, I would feel somewhat proud.

But God calls us to not be so comfortable all the time.  To humble ourselves and put others first.  This man was in need of someone to listen.

Yet it was just me who wishes ice cream was in her cart.  And there I was upset about that and this man had bigger worries, bigger problems than me.  Yet, I had no words for him.

This moment this morning was a reminder that God gave us ONE mouth but TWO ears so that we can do twice as much listening than talking.

Maybe that's why I thought to myself..."Thank you, God."

God bless,

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