Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moments are Gifts

Moments are fleeting...these I don't want to forget...

  • 4 yr old son to me "Momma!  My foot just lives in here!"  (referring to how snug his foot is in his sandal!-haaa haaa)

  • 7 yr old son to me "Little Lady just spit up all over me! (giggle giggle)  I was burping her and whoa~she spit up ALL OVER me....so I changed my pants."  That sure is true hard-core love, huh?  Spit up, smile and giggle and go back to holding her.  Man, my kids just love our Little Lady!!!

Now, not to give the impression that my day and my life is all peachy, here is a little secret~ my 2 boys-double trouble boys~ were sent to nap time without lunch.  Yes, you heard me right.  Yes, I am a mean momma.

God bless,

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