Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Was that a tornado?

Last night, I woke up shaking and yelled to my hubby:
"Honey, WHAT IS THAT?!"

He bolted up, screamed, "Eeveryone downstairs! GO GO GO!!!"

I swear we were in the midst of a tornado! But I cannot find any news or weather clips about it anywhere!

I have never been in a tornado but I swear it was one last night.

It was 12:30ish and I heard the wind begin to blow SO loudly; it was raining but then it was pouring SO loudly. It sounded like tree limbs and baseballs were being thrown at our windows within seconds!

For sure, one of my TOP 3 scariest moments in my life. Easily.

Our 2 yr old was in bed with us anyway(long story for another time...) and I basically threw him to my hubby as I ran down our hallway to get the other children up, yelling the whole time "Downstairs everyone!"

I grabbed the other children, (how did I do this being pregnant?!) and carried them as I was running throughout the house trying desperately to get downstairs to safety.

We all eventually gathered downstairs in the basement in an area where there are no windows, but our lights were on. We had no flashlight or radio so my portective husband quickly got a radio and plugged it in (not knowing for how long we'd have power).

My daughter, who is typically quiet, could not stop talking about how she heard the same things being thrown at her windows as well.

My hubby ran upstairs after a few minutes to get his laptop and we were sure there was something terrible going on outside. We wanted to know what it was and when it would stop.

Then it stopped.
It was quiet.
No rain, no wild wind, no hail or whatever we heard.

We waited and waited in this small area and checked our laptop weather updates continuously till we were not in a warning for 'severe weather'.

WHAT?! Severe weather? Are you kidding me? Was that all it was? Really?

To me, it was the worst I have seen mother nature behave. By far the scariest and I do not want to experience that one more time.

Oh my.

Thank You God for keeping us safe and letting us wake up to a mess of a backyard full of broken limbs and branches, full of leaves everywhere and now the sun is rising.

God bless,

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