Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Because she is just this way...

My (now*) 5 yr old chick-a-dee is just this way...
At lunch yesterday, after taking a bite of cheddar cheese, says:
"Mom, this cheese is just so....cheesy, ya know?"

("Yes, my dear, it is very cheesy!")-haaa haaa :)  Love it!

We had our Physical Education class yesterday meet up to get the kids their timed runs around the track.  The little kids did a 1/4 mile, slightly bigger kids a 1/2 mile and the big big kids did a whole mile around the track.  It was a chilly 35-38* out there!  All the kids all did super!  

My oldest 3 ran and did great! :)  They had their eyes focused on their goal-the finished line.  It was so great to see them being so proud of themselves, knowing they did their best, fighting and pushing for a good time on the timers.  They like competition, some even more than others, esp. my oldest daughter.  She did not look away ONCE from that finish line!  She surely takes after my hubby-they are 2 peas in a pod, those competitors. 

But there is one little chick-a-dee sunshine girl that is a bit more like,
I am not a big competitor person.  I like us all to 'just get along'! :) 

At that PE class running, my little chick-a-dee of a 5 yr old just took her lil' ol' time.  That is how she is.  That is her nature.  Not a bother to be the last one running as she glances around looking at the pretty fall colored trees as she ran by.   At the end, everyone was cheering and a big smile was on her face, but she did not speed it up at all :) 

She was so happy having a good time, taking her time, and she was so glad that the cheerers were having as big as a smile as she had. 


Because simply....that is just how she is.  
She is just 'that' way.

I hope it lasts.  :)  There is so much innocence and sweetness about her.  I love it!  I love her!
Thank you God for this daughter in my life, she brings the sunshine and makes it brighter for all of us! 

God bless,

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

we missed it.. with BamBam being on the sick side of life, we didn't want to have him out in the cold.

We are also skipping homeschooling day @ Mt. Vernon today too..