Monday, November 22, 2010

Smile! CLICK~!

Yesterday, I was all set on taking pics of our kidos for our annual Christmas photo card.  There was no way of changing my mind.  I knew that this weather would be perfect timing-so nice and only slightly chilly out - not even enough to wear jackets, if you would ask my kids.  It had to be done-that day.  With being further away from our loved ones, this is one of the Christmas cards, I am sure, they are waiting for. 

And anyway, I love to take pics of my kids-esp. all of them together.  It is a real treat for me.  It brings my view into focus-on what really matters.  When I see those pics, no matter what they may bring-silliness, craziness, madness or does not matter.  B/c these are our blessings.  Our little treasures

Each of our children has their own personality and it truly shines through when I take a bunch of the same pictures one click after another!  I love love LOVE it!!! :)

I *tried* to train them to smile those nice smiles where you can see their teeth and they actually smile :)   Not those 'smiles' where you can see teeth but they look like they are sporting some new evil teeth look at you! haaa  :)  I also *tried* to make sure that they knew when it was time to smile to do just that and then hold that smile so I could take click after click of pictures.  I still wondered, though, how this would pan out. 

I really enjoy reviewing the pics and laugh at each one as they are so different and so unique in each of their own special way!

I set the kidos all up, with the help of my adoring husband-he insisted oldest to youngest :).  And I told them to smile as my hubby acted goofey behind me.  The other people at the lake/park were looking at us and I am sure either laughing at us or reminisicing of their younger days doing just the same thing.  It was quite the sight, let me tell you! :)

And off I went with the camera. 


...And then it happened.

My batteried DIED! and I had NO extra batteries on me!!!
I guess there will only be a few to choose from this year and I hope at least one is halfway decent!!!

Here are some pics of where we were and some diff. shots before my camera died....



 And the sight they loved...

God bless,

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