Saturday, November 26, 2011

What do you think he said?

This morning, I had an early run to the food market to buy one of my little big people who is becoming a bigger person tomorrow items for his requested birthday oldest is turning 11! ('d that happen?!?!)

A special part of my kids' birthdays is that they get to request any birthday cake they want.  This year, my 'going to be 11' year old son has requested a really really chocolate-y mousse cake.  This is the first for this Momma.  Usually they ask for a train or a bear or the like.  The young man that he is turning into is requesting MOUSSE!  (Just like his Daddy-loves mousse!)

I never ever made mousse before but got a recipe...hopefully an EASY the Internet.  I did not have the ingredients so off I went shopping.

At the checkout line, a man that works there, who has a speech impediment with big metal front teeth, apparently thought I was someone else and said to me:

"I watched you walk in and I thought 'Wow!  Now, that is MY merchandise!"

At least that is what I thought he said but thinking that was a bit odd, I asked him again what he said and he said the same thing.  Then he went over to the cashier and told her that too.  He smiled, she smiled and both laughed a little and that was that.

I think I was hit on.  HA!  Don't you?  That sure is a lousy way to hit on someone if he was.  Then again, he could have told me something completely different but I swear that is what he said! ha ha!

I mean, c'mon-here I am :  sleepless, coffee breath, without any of my 7 children, wearing my wedding and engagement rings, (mind you...but then again I guess that does not matter to many people anymore...sad but true, huh?), wearing the best of junk clothes-jeans and sweatshirt, hair pulled back and.... whoops, dare I say breath, yeah...I forgot to brush my teeth!

HA!  But still....I think I was sorta kinda hit on!  Funny.  Very funny. 
Smiling is good therapy.

God bless your weekend,


Tina Marie said...

Thank you for sharing. This post brought a smile to my face.

We often underestimate our own beauty as mothers. At least that is what my husband always tells me. We see the stain on our shirt, the wrinkles that have appeared over time, the grey hairs that we have earned and others see us in a totally different light. You must be something else. ;-)

I wonder how God sees us. Does He see us like the man did, through the wedding rings, sweatshirt and jeans, hair pulled back coffee breath? I just imagine He would have articulated a little differently.

Mary @ Cheerios said...

How funny! I guess it could be true! :) I am so thankful for great husbands!!! :) God is good.

God bless, Mary @ Cheerios