Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Think happy thoughts

It is so easy to get caught up in the discipline and punishments and re-do-overs with 3 years olds, huh?  They are so very predictable but yet at the same time very unpredictable.

My certain 3 yr old has brought the 'terrible twos' and the 'trying threes' to a whole new level.  This little guy is easily the most challenging child so far.  He is all of my children COMBINED.  Seriously.

I am not asking for a pity party (well....if you want to give me one, I'll take it!:) ha haaa) but this is the real deal.  He is unbelievable.  I cannot turn my back on him.  I need to know exactly where he is at all times.   I am not kiddin' you.  You'd think I know a thing or 2 about parenting a strong willed child or one that is oh...a bit,uh...defiant.   Yeah, well I thought I knew a thing or 2 too...before he came along! haaa haaa

I bet you can only imagine how trying our school year has been for a year or 2.  Yeah, it has been interesting...oh yeah.

God sure has a sense of humor at times.

Anyway, Instead of mulling around on these negative "help me!" thoughts, I thought I'd pour out all the positive HAPPY THOUGHTS on this little 3 yr old guy of mine!

Here we go:

1.  I love the way he says "Da-Momma" and I automatically answer him! :) (or when he says "Ma-Daddy" and Daddy answers him!
2.  How he puts on his pants backwards and is so proud he did it himself
3.  The way he answers that he did not do it...with the look of guilt on his face, wondering if he be believed.
4.  I love what a shrimp he is.  He saves us on buying him new clothes!  He can still fit into some 18month and 2T clothes!
5.  I love how his smallness makes him so deliciously cute and his siblings all agree
6.  I love how he can win over his siblings by being so cute even when he messes up their stuff or wrecks their Lego creations (after a little while, that is...once the upsetness settles down!)
7.  I love how talkative and articulate he is.  He can converse with just about anyone
8.  I love how he really REALLY tries to be nice to his baby sister, Lil' Lady.  I know, as his Momma, that he truly is trying at times, even though others think otherwise.
9.  I love how he holds his pencils, markers and colored pencils with the correct grip and acts so much like a little student at the table while his older siblings do their work (even if only for 3.5 minutes!)
10. I love how he forces his giggles and laughter that makes others laugh and smile
11.  Lastly, I love how he still needs him Momma.  I wonder in amazement how other parents can send their children off to daycare or school at this age thinking that it is time for them to go, when they are still SO much in need of motherly love that ONLY a mother can give
NO ONE can replace a mother.  No one can love as a mother loves.  I am only saying this from my experience of having 7 kids and of my kids.  I know that some parents have no choice or do what they think it best for their family but I still wonder if there was still another way before choosing daycare.

Anyway, this kid is a riot.  He makes me laugh, he keeps me young, he keeps those pounds off since I am always up and about running after him or running for him!  He keeps teaching me patience and creativity and teaching me how to love unconditionally.  He is just right for our family.  He is loved and he loves matter how long this 2 or 3 yr old trying stage will last.  (Please Lord, not much longer, please!)

God bless your days,


Maurisa said...

Aw, he sounds like a keeper ;)

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Haaaa Haaa!!! :) yes, he is a keeper but...if you ever need a little playmate for your guy, let me know! haaa haaa :)
God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios