Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some funnies and heart warming moments have been happening around here and I am so glad that I took notice~!  It is easy to look past and not stop and be thankful. 

1.  My oldest daughter, age 9, was watching our Lil' Lady and said, "Oh Mom, my heart is bursting with love for her!"

2.  My oldest son, age 10, and I were looking through cook books on what to make for dinner last night.  After a while, he commented, "Looking through these cook books when I am so hungry is like looking through a really good piano book with all the music that I love".  (We decided on making homemade chicken alfredo and it was SO good and the first time I ever made it homemade!!! :) and we have tons left~ I forgot how filling just a little bit is~!!!)

Thanks God for letting me notice and take note of these precious moments.

God bless,

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