Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitchens...love it, love it not...

I have a love-hate relationship w/my kitchen.  

I love the fact that my whole family likes to hang out in this specific room in the house. 

I love how the kids all coral around a little kitchen table squeezing in 6 chairs where only 3 would be most comfortable.

I love how they bring their books in and lay on the kitchen floor just b/c the others are in this room and Momma is in the room too.

I love how when I am cooking or cleaning (about 70% of my day), how drawn my kids are to be around me.  Whatever they are doing, they bring it in this room and plop themselves down....near me. 

I love how eating and talking go hand in hand.  Some of our best conversations have been in the kitchen.   Some of the best moments of parenting happen in the kitchen.

Learning math while cooking.  Painting tons of pics.  Spelling tests while Momma cooks.  Social Studies--learning about generosity and patience while waiting for dinner and setting the table in the dining room.   The list goes on and on. 

What a wonderful feeling.  (Thank you God :))

I love this room.

I love kitchens.  Don't you?

But do you know what I do not love about it?  Actually I really really don't like it?  OK, I admit...I pretty much hate it.  Period.

The size of this kitchen.  It is 1/3 the size of our last kitchen.  Not a big deal if a family is not that big or does not truly "LIVE" all day in the house, right?  No.  But, for us?  This does not work. 

I guess you can say our kitchen is a work in kitchen with very limited counter space.  Barely enough room for those chairs I mentioned above.  It is really tight.  Then throw in a highchair, and it's quite the maze to get around.  Seriously. 

I dream of a big kitchen where we all can be around comfortably.  A big long farm style table.  We've got the benches already (thanks to Daddy and the boys!!! You rock!)


Love them and hate this one.

God bless,

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St. Luke's Brush said...

Mary, I am sorry to comment here but I have tried to email you to let you know that you won the St. Padre Pio doll over at In the Heart of My Home! If you could send me your address, I will get your doll in the mail to you! Thanks so much for entering. God Bless, Amy