Monday, October 3, 2011

Snowsuits already???

We went from hot and muggy humid weather directly into very cold days of 50* for the past number of days.  Add that into the mix of 3 weeks of rainy cloudy days and this Momma is going a bit crrrrazy!!!

I also don't have the guts to turn ON the heat...just yet.  So, our house has been lingering around 60* throughout the day and it is quite chilly.  Not too bad, but enough that we have the massive amounts of clothes that have escaped from storage bins-the changing of seasons always brings out mega amounts of laundry and clothes galore, right?! :)

So, that leads me to allow the kids to let them put on their snow suits (well, they have to stay warm somehow, right?) and sleeping bags (warmth, OK?) and "sledding" down our staircases all dolled up in these particular super FUNNY outfits!

And I will add in that those kids are my boys.  Not my girls-ha ha!!! :)  Those girls just finished their math assignments and are off to play dolls for a little bit.

OK, so I have noted quite a lot of things my boys have been up to lately.   It is just that they are so peculiar and so well...boy-ish!  They just crack me up.  Totally.

Boys need to be boys---that is how I also "just do it"---having let them be just who they are w/out stopping their creativity. Schoolwork had to take a little recess break....and I needed to blog :)   Mind you, the little boys are totally loving every minute of it too!!!

I might even make some hot cocoa for us :)

Best go now.

God bless,

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