Monday, March 28, 2011

Up at 4am!!!

Sometimes our guardian angel has to wake us up early.

No matter that the time is very early, as in 4am.

Wide awake I was, I'll tell you.  And I am not an early morning- riser- happy- go- lucky kinda person.  But today, I was awake without coffee for almost 2 hours! 

Usually once I actually MOVE then the baby wakes up but not today.  Thanks GA!!!

Wow, it was quiet and the things I got down were much needed...
...prayers....emails that were way overdue ...making my list of things I have to do this week....figuring out all this CAT stuff...changing around some toys, taking out ones that have been put in storgage for a while and putting away the ones they've been playing with....putting away snowsuits and gloves and hats.

Oh, yeah I didn't tell ya?  We had some of that white stuff early yesterday morning and my kids had to enjoy the very last of it and my oldest daughter made this little cute snowman that I'll have to post a pic of once I download the pics.  (So, check back! :))  It was all of maybe 1/2 an inch but they loved it and they got that fresh air they've needed :)

But now, I am ready for a nap and my kids are just waking up.

I declare it is coffee time and I'm putting my feet up:)

God bless,


Anonymous said...

CAT stuff? explain..

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Just the standardized testing...
God bless,