Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life is good with wine and ice cream

OK, so my main man, my wonderful hubby watched all 6 kids from 8 till 3 today so that I could go to a diocesan women's conference. 

As if that was not enough.

On his way home from confession, he asked me if I needed him to pick up anything.

I mentioned some white wine and ice cream would be of my liking if he was up for picking it up.

Not only does he come home with  small bottles of my favorite wine..but he come home with not one, not 2, not 3 BUT 4 gallons of BREYERS ice cream!!!

I love this man.  Does he totally know me...or what?!?!? 


The big northeast basketball game is on tonight so I guess he had to soften me up somehow! haaaa haaaaa

So then I told him that with our next in-house date night that I am making him watch "Grease"!!!

Off to drink my wine, him his Guinness beer...out on the lawn chairs while our kids are digging up the dirt to drive their matchbox cars in and ride bikes.

Life is good.
God bless,

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