Tuesday, March 29, 2011


You know those times that you just want to freeze time, right then and right there?  Those moments when life is just soooooo good, and the moment is so real, so precious?  that you don't want it to end?  

That is what life has been like most of the time with our precious bundle of joy who is now 10 weeks old today!  I have just called her 'baby' on the blog, but I feel like the name from now on should be "Little Lady" since that is just one of many nicknames thrown around here.  It fits her perfectly!!! :)

It's almost like I cannot remember how life was without her!

When she smiles those big smiles at me and looks at me with those big blue eyes,  I cannot help but see that her eyes smile too!  I am not kidding!!! I tell my family that or friends or people that see her smile.  It is so beautiful=she lights up the whole room.  When I give her kisses in the air, she smiles so widely-I don't know anything more adorable than that.

 It is as if God is smiling through her to me, letting me know that everything is going to be okay and to keep plugging away on this path of life set before me.  As I have said before, she loves the pouch sling that I put her in and she is in it for most of the day!  That is not the only reason why she gets to be in it, but mainly it is b/c of a certain 2 yr old that loves her so much, almost a little too much at times...if you get my drift.  I think he just does not know what to with this little girl in the family!!! It's like that flower "He loves me, he loves me not..."!!!  TIme will only tell how it goes with these 2 munchkins.  ANYWAY...

Our family just adores her and all the kids just love on her every moment they can.  If they have not seen her (which is pretty rare since she lives in that pouch sling!) they immediately ask for where she is.  If one of  the big kids are watching her for a few mins and taking care of her, the others ask where she is.   Each of our kids is such an incredible blessing to our family.  The all love on their new sibling so much.  But with this little lady, it is just a tad different.   She brings the joy to their faces like I have never seen.  We call her "Peace Baby" too b/c she brings such calmness and joy and peace in this storm at times. 

Little Lady is needing me now so best go!!!
God bless,

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Maurisa said...

Ooh I know exactly what you mean! Love, love, love this post!