Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lent thus far

My 4 yr old son walked up to me this morning and said "Me is feeling better today!" 
Thanks be to God for our health getting back to normal and thanks be to God for super cute 4 yr old boys!!!

On another note...LENT...

Just as it was with Advent and (gasp!) no Advent wreath till the 4th Sunday of Advent (yikes!) and even when I actually DID get the candles I still forgot to put it up and light them!!! we go again with Lent. 

I just put out our Sacrifice Bean Jar!  For each sacrifice we offer up to God, we put a pinto bean in the jar.   Then on Easter night, the Easter Bunny comes quietly and turns those beans into jelly beans or jelly eggs or chocolate eggs!!! YUM! 

I have also decorated our walls with words:  generous, kindess, helping others, obedience etc... all ways that are so very pleasing to our Lord and makes our home so much more at peace.  Helpful reminders...we sure need them lately!

Here is a LINK to a really funny pic of   yours truly  2 yrs ago and how I dealt w/Lent!  We all were laughing when we saw it and the kids "Hey!  I remember that!!!" LOL  haaaaaa!!!!

Funny how the kids remember the craziest things, and those things that we'd like to forget quickly....

We also just did the dough crown of thorns THIS.

We used wheat flour which turned the dough a realistic dark color and the kids had a blast putting their 'sins' of thorns into the crown.  It helps them understand how doing a sacrifice can lessen the pain and give comfort to Jesus by removing one of the thorns.
 God willing, I'll post a pic soon!

Gotta go-I am a much needed Momma here :)

May you continue to have a holy Lent in whichever way God is allowing your Lent to be.

God bless,

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