Friday, June 17, 2011

Oooooh! That smell, can't you smell that smell?

If your 2 yr old asks for a snack and you are changing the baby's diaper,
you might tell him he can have a banana.
And if you told him that,
he might think you actually said strawberry yougurt.
And if he gets out that yogurt,
he might realize he does not like strawberry chunks in it.
And if he sees those chunks he might just throw it all over the kitchen floor.
And if you go past that kitchen thinking he is eating a banana but yet smell the sweet smell of strawberries,
you might want to stop and take a look.
And then you will find strawberry yogurt all over the kitchen floor.
And then you'll be balancing a sick runny nose slightly fevered baby in one arm and paper towels in the other up that strawberry yogurt.

Just sayin'.

(pssst.  Can you please say a little prayer for my sweet baby who will be 5 months old tomorrow?!?!? She is not feeling well and that makes this momma sad and tired too! )
God bless!

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