Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday!

My sweet BIG girl turns a BIG 9 today!:)
Our world was forever changed when God blessed us with you...
you are my right hand lady, always willing to clean up messes (esp. your brothers' messes!!!)...
always ready to help your Momma when my hands are full (which is pretty often, huh?!)
you are determined to not let your petiteness get in the way of achieving BIG!
you are focused and delight in order...
you are a little fashion bug...with tons of barrets in your hair and many different hair styles throughout the day!
You love babies and already know you want "at least 20"!!!
You make the best chocolate chip pancakes around...
you choose to wear fancy dresses every day, always reminding me that every day is a celebration!

You are SO awesome and we love you so much!
Happy 9th Birthday to you!
God bless you!

God bless,

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