Wednesday, June 8, 2011

9th Birthday Pics

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's 9th birthday and guess where we went!
It has to do with shoes and balls...



Those shoes always look so darn cute on little feet, huh?!?!

Now, check out my new 9 yr old daughter!

It was quite the adventure telling them over and over again to stay off of where the bowler is... I think they got it finally 10 minutes before we left! haaa

I love this pic:
Do you see his socks?  Only a sweet cute 4 yr old can pull that off!
And that cute big guy next to the cute little guy?  Yeah, he's taken.

Bowling!  We got a sweet deal of 2 free games (yes, FREE!) per week per child.  All we had to do was pay for the shoe rentals for them all.   We loved it, had such fun, cheered each other on-we were really loud!!! but, do you know what was louder?  The nasty music!  My hubby asked them to turn it down when we arrived b/c we could not even think, it was that loud.  But, we think they must have turned it back up little by little-it was SO loud when we left! 

And that music?  Oh my.  No thank you.  Let's just say that my kids were like

"What is that?  What are they saying?  Why aren't they listening to the Christian music station?"

But before we left, it was CAKE TIME:

Happy Bday to you!!!
God bless,

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Margaret in Minnesota said...

I must say that nothing makes me feel like a "good mom" than taking the kids bowling.

It's just. that. FUN.

Happy birthday to your sweetie pie 9-year-old! That cake is darling!