Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Last Moving Thoughts

Sitting in the midst of the upcoming move in a few days and I am truly battling some negative thoughts that are overcoming me.  I am having mixed feelings about this move.  Maybe it is because it is a super big thing about to happen and that makes anyone feel uncertain right before it.  I am sure I'll feel better once I am in it and settled.  But, right now, I am a bit overwhelmed.   I am trying to focus on "God will not test you beyond your strength.  But also with that test, He will provide a way out so you may be able to bear it" passage-I did that from memory so it may not be perfectly on. 

Anyway, my kids are going a bit nuts b/c we are basically living as though we are camping...but... we are not.  So....lots of wide open space and lots of creative games of running around the house and kick ball, tag, soccer etc...  We are hitting a bit of a plateau as is not as fun as it was a few days ago!!!

I am about to pack up the rest of my food.  Empty and clean out the refrigerator and freezer is on my list today.  So much for yummy and nutritious food intake around here :)  Oh well, that comes with moving I guess. 

Bathrooms are last b/c who wants to deep clean a bathroom only for it to be messed up a few hours later?   Surely not I!  So...that is the last thing on my list to do.

Hubby painted 3 rooms these last few days and I wonder why we waited?!?! They look awesome!  Now, my job is to make sure they are not scratched up or ruined or marked up with pens/crayons etc...

Thanks be to God for good neighbors.  Everyone should have at least ONE good neighbor to depend on, right!?!? We sure will miss ours.  They are a great Christian homeschooling family and I will truly miss my quick calls to see if they have an extra egg or tape or sugar or yeast or meat thermometer!!! :)  Generosity is their top gig and they outdid us by letting us borrow their camping chairs, some folding chairs, folding table and even some toys to keep them kidos a tad bit occupied.  I hope a new family that will take over this house will in turn bless them with such generosity.

My kids are all talking about what they will like the best and what they are looking forward to the most in our new house.  The consent is that the long driveway is, BY FAR, the top of the list.  They can't wait to get on their bikes and scooters and ride around freely.  They can't wait to run and play outside anywhere they desire.  The horse farm, which is our next door neighbors, is a big attraction too!  Their excitement helps give much excitement in me, which is a good combatter for those negative thoughts rolling around my head.

I will continue to blog and hopefully add pics to keep you updated! 

God bless your day,
Mary @ CHeerios

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