Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cabin Fever in the Summer?

I always thought that cabin fever happened in the dreary, cold months of Jan-Feb-March. 

And it did. 

But it's also happening now.  Yikes!  In the summer?  How could that be???

You'd think it is summer and you'd think pool...but imagine no pool access (yet, maybe...we're waiting for the 1/2 off deal and possibly join, maybe...still praying on it.) and it being very HHH---Hazy Hot Humid...and no pool.

So, what to do when there is no pool in the summer with 7 young kids and being a pregnant Momma, besides going totally nuts and pulling your hair out????

Let's see....
  • Lots of things break in the house.  Let's face it.  We are just that family that breaks things.   It's just who we are!  When a new toy comes in our presence, we wonder how long it will last.  In that essence, that is why we try really hard to buy things that are really well made and will (gasp! hopefully!) last some time around here!!!
  • Lots of kids get hurt and have bandaids all over their boo-boo's.  Why?  B/c its too hot to play and run around outside for more than 20mins... so where is the next best place?  Of course---Inside the house!  Sure!  Just the place where there is plenty of opportunity to offer up boo-boo's. haaa haaa!!!
  • Lots of creative and imaginative play goes on here.  Lots.  Stuff I could NEVER imagine up!!!  Love children's way of thinking-it's awesome!  I have had to let them just get the house messy to play and I've seen the fruits of letting 'kids be kids'.  Of course, there is always clean up that ALWAYS takes 2x longer!!!
  • Lots of swinging on the hose hanging from our deck that is up 20 feet from the ground.  Yeah.  Imagine Tarzan.  That's right.  Tarzan. 
  • Lots of time filling and re-filling our tiny little kiddie pool that the children play in daily.  Just think of 7 kids in one tiny pool.  Kinda hilarious but my kids are such good sports. 
  • Lots of matchbox cars deep in dug out dirt ditches in front of our house.
  • There's a bit more time for movies and even some youtube clips.  Like this one!

Lastly, there's a lot more of Momma laying on the couch feeling yucko and that equals a messier house, which also means lots of little extra hands are needed to help keep this boat afloat!  That is not very pleasant for them or me nagging them to do it.  We are all trying to hold off of the grudingly help and focus more on the generous help we are called to as we imitate our Lord Jesus and seek to serve Him in one another. :)  Not an easy task but anything that is hard is usually most worthwhile, right???

PREGNANCY UPDATE:  I am 11 1/2 weeks pregnant and feeling just like a pregnant Momma should feel!!! We are ever so grateful and so happy for this GIFT OF LIFE!!!  Thank you for praying for us-Thank you so much!!!

God bless,

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